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We provide investors with a variety of products, each with mint, redeem, and wrap functions.app-thumb

How to Use It?


Step 01


Mint cgUSD from multiple networks using USDC


Step 02


Get interest paid by cgUSD's daily rebasing


Step 03


Use cgUSD across the DeFi ecosystem to boost your APR

100% Transparent Fully-Backed

Our on-chain proof-of-reserves feed powered by Chainlink offers complete real-time visibility into the off-chain vaults. This allows you to confirm that your investments are fully backed by real assets at more...

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Multiple Assets with a Custody Network

We use a variety of high-quality RWAs as collateral and entrust them to a custody network composed of different custodians. This reduces the single point of risk and provides enhanced liquidity, making buying and selling easier and reducing transaction costs.

Native Interest-Bearing by RWAs

Backed by RWAs, we create kinds of inflation-resistant money that grows in value over time, providing real yields to its holders through a native rebase mechanism, which allows our money to become the foundational source of interest.


News & Insights


We are pleased to announce our partnership with Telegram Messenger to jointly launch CygnusFinance bot and mini app. Users can seamlessly mint and enjoy a risk-free return of cgUSD on Telegram, with self-custody wallets such as MetaMask and CoinbaseWallet. In future, the bot will support daily life scenarios such as small transfers and consumption within Telegram.

Our smart contract has been audited by Peckshield. Peckshield is a leading security service provider in the industry; they have provided auditing services for several leading defi protocols including MakerDAO, Aave with high quality and standards. Thrilled to have met their stringent standards. It means we will continue to provide you with safer and higher-quality services.

100% Transparent

Nov 28, 2023

Our on-chain proof-of-reserves feed powered by Chainlink offers complete real-time visibility into the off-chain vaults. This allows you to confirm.

Cygnus Finance has strategically integrated Chainlink Price Feeds to ensure the stability of cgUSD's peg to the US Dollar.

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Cygnus V1
anti inflation stablecoin with US treasuries(RWA) as collateral
Lower entry barrier
Telegram bot as entrance
Access to high quality assets
serve population in developing regions
Cygnus V2
incorporate cryptonative interest-bearing assets
around ETH LRTs
Build derivatives infra
Expand to BTC ecosystem
omnichain BTC infraand collateral
End Game
A completely new Internet flatcoin independent of the traditional banking system
Cygnus Finance is building the standard for the next generation of stablecoins, hoping to become the underlying source of income for all DeFi protocols.
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